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LandQuest Title Group is a full-service title insurance and escrow closing company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, serving all 92 Indiana counties. Through our agent partners, can also facilitate out-of-state and multi-state title and escrow transactions. Our mission is to provide unparalled title and escrow services to the real estate industry. LandQuest Title Group ensures confidence and security with your real estate transaction. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and will serve you by conducting business better and more efficiently than our competitors.

LandQuest Title Group, LLC was founded by a Fort Wayne, Indiana law firm with extensive experience in real estate law.  The high volume of foreclosure title searches ordered by these attorneys became the catalyst for a new business venture. As a result, LandQuest Title Group, LLC was established in 2005. Since its inception, and with the addition of key employees and innovative new technology, LandQuest Title Group has become a well respected and trusted full-service title and escrow company.

We work with some of the largest REO servicing companies in the nation. We have also developed strong relationships with commercial and residential REALTORS and brokers, mortgage brokers and lenders, attorneys, and investors throughout the state.

Our commitment to REALTORS and Lenders: It is our job to understand your business — to understand what you expect out of a title company and to understand how we can exceed those expectations. We want to help you to become a trusted advisor to your clients.


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